Ihab Sarieddine
Ihab Sarieddine
About "The Science of Aesthetics" book

This self-training book is intended for men, aged 20 and above, at all fitness levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), and desiring to build a drug-free and lean muscular physique. It is self-educational and simple to understand as it requires no training/dieting knowledge or experience in the domain of bodybuilding. It teaches all key training and dieting fundamentals and gradually builds on your learning from ground up to help you assimilate the acquired knowledge to create your most effective individualized meal and workout plans, ultimately making you become your own trainer.

It is no denying there is utter lack of understanding and awareness in the world of resistance training today. This becomes evident when you come across all those fad diets permeating the internet and purporting to be the only way out for all fat-burning dilemmas, or bump into an article explaining about the ‘best’ leg routine that works for everyone, or watch a video promo of a product promising a six-pack, or learn about a body transformation program guaranteeing far-fetched results in less than a month, or countlessly get asked about the supplements you are taking, as though they are the panacea for aesthetics, without any due consideration to the diet and training details.

For all these reasons and many more, I have decided to write this book to scientifically shed light on the underlying facts of dieting and strength training and reach out to all those looking to learn in the right way how to reach their aspired goal of building an eye-catching natural physique.

The book is scientifically driven and synthesizes information from more than 350 different research studies and papers. It unravels various controversies prevalent in the fitness realm, addresses many perplexing questions, debunks many myths, and elucidates information in a truly objective manner. It takes into account your current body composition, body type, body biomechanics, genetics, age, training experience, and dieting preferences (vegan/non-vegan) and elaborates on the following meal and workout planning concepts and guidelines.

  • Meal planning
    • Energy balance
    • Macronutrient balance and needs
    • Determining your body’s energy expenditure
    • Calculating and tracking your calories
    • Micronutrient (minerals and vitamins) benefits and needs
    • Body re-composition, bulking, and cutting
    • Intermittent fasting
    • Cheat meals
    • Refeeding
    • Pre-, intra-, and post-workout nutrition
    • Meal timing
    • Water intake
    • Supplementation
    • Alcohol
  • Workout planning
    • Muscular system anatomy
    • Human body mechanics and types
    • Weightlifting terminology
    • Strength training principles
      • Progressive overloading
      • Compound and isolation lifts
      • Mind-muscle connection
      • Time under tension
      • Training to failure
      • Rep ranges for hypertrophy
    • Cardio
    • Stretching
    • Periodization
    • Tracking your progress
    • Advanced training techniques
    • Creating your customized workout plan
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Water retention

You see, the process of building muscles and burning fat is not just about hitting the gym and guzzling your supplements. There are many other underlying contributing elements that you must factor in and understand to master and fast-track your progression. This is why the chapters in the book have been meticulously written and logically ordered to shepherd you step-by-step throughout the process and expand your knowledge on these topics. By virtue of this book, you will be equipped with all the information you need to pinpoint and work on your weaknesses and tackle every aspect of your diet and training in the quest for perfecting your aesthetics.


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